Projects Overview
Custom Built Homes echoing the character of their homeowners.


With many sought after projects in its portfolio, Bonfiglio Builders continues to craft aesthetically pleasing Charlotte quality custom houses that enhance the overall quality of their owners’ life.

Building a custom home in North Carolina may seem like a much more involved process than building a regular home. It can be exciting and inventive but also stressful and overwhelming if not lead by some of the most experienced custom home builders in Charlotte.

With years of expertise and on the job knowledge, Bonfiglio Builders designs and develops custom homes in Charlotte, North Carolina that reflect the homeowners’ unique taste and character.

Custom made homes carrying your personal touch

Offering affordable and adaptable custom home designs that incorporate the latest architectural trends, Bonfiglio Builders constructs homes that elevate the standards of living. Homes that are stylish and functional and reflect the unique character of their homeowners.

Whether wishing to build the home of your dreams, renovate an older house or proceed with elegant and efficient home additions, Bonfiglio Builders is the right choice for you. We invite you to experience a new era in home renovation with custom home additions and remodeling in Charlotte NC following the highest quality standards.